T-Ball players should be 5-6 yrs. old on May 1. Under the coordinator’s discretion, an “old” four yr. old may play T-Ball. T-Ball teams are co-ed.

Lake Leelanau T-Ball teams play in the t-ball league hosted by the Empire/Maple City/Cedar area t-ball teams. At this time, all t-ball games are held on the T-Ball field at Myles Kimmerly Park in Maple City.

In 2016, T-Ball games are being held on Mondays & Wednesdays beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Roster – 2016
6 – Lydia B.
6 – George M.
6 – Emilia S.
6 – Easton W.
6 – Oliver W.
6 – Guy C.
5 – Lily H.


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  1. Taylor Converse says:

    I filled out the registration paperwork for Nova Converse to play T-ball this summer, 2017. He is a year-round Leland resident. I can’t locate an address to mail the registration and check to. Will you please send me the address or contact information to register him?
    Thank you, Taylor Converse

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